all the things

To my first

Dear V,

Your life is about to change forever. You’re excited. You love to kiss your baby sister, see your baby sister, do things for baby sister. But, when she’s actually here, I’m not sure you’ll like the reduction of attention from mommy and daddy. You see, mommy and daddy are going to have to relearn this whole baby bit and you, well you are just something else. You are a big helper, independent, compassionate and adorable. I’m afraid we may forget you need us as much as you do because of that. Because you are just so good.

Please forgive us. I hope this season can be a time of mutual learning and grace giving / receiving. Because I know we will all need it.

Most importantly, please remember you are the one who made us parents. You made me a mom for the very first time. You will always hold a special place in our hearts as our first. You are molding us as your mommy and daddy just as much as we are shaping you.

We love you. And you will always be our baby, even if there’s another baby in the house.


Your mama


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