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A letter on your second birthday

To my little girl,

I’m not sure when you transitioned out of babyhood into the little girl that stands before me, but there you are. You have learned so much over the past year, it’s amazing. Your daddy and I can’t help but marvel. I am certain that I have not “taught” you anything, but rather you have absorbed, soaked in everything you can. You are sweet. Kind. Empathetic. Hilarious. Curious. Precocious. Daring. Courageous. Happy.

I can’t help but feel as if I rain on your parade sometimes. Lately, I haven’t felt quite like myself and that has lead me to crankiness, irritability and being, sadly, rather short with you for things that are inappropriate for me to be upset with. You are still a child and because you are growing up so fast, I make you grow up even faster in my head. I’m sorry precious girl. This won’t be the first and unfortunately the last time I have to utter those words, and soon, you will begin to remember those moments when mommy is mean. But, I pray and hope you will remember how much mommy always loves you.

Sweet girl, on this your second birthday, may you continue to explore, to be kind, to have fun fun. May your curiosity continue to grow. May you learn forgiveness for when those around you fail you. And may you always sing, “Yes, Jesus loves me!”

Happy birthday my little one.



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