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on disappointment

Sometimes, everything in life seems disappointing.

  • The gun violence that is apparently running rampant in this country.
  • This country’s treatment of refugees (particularly the conservatives’ treatment of them).
  • The stereotyping of Muslims.
  • Donald Trump (need I say more?)
  • The waiting to hear back on a promotion at work.
  • The inability to buy, seemingly, anything.
  • Your child’s inability to have any self-control.
  • Your inability to have any self-control.

I’m sure the list could keep on going. It’s a rather broad sweeping list of personal and current events that just bring me so much disappointment. In this time of Advent, it’s rather difficult to even find the hope through it all.

Can any of it get better?

Are we truly that disappointing of a people?

I can’t help but wonder what God thinks of us as He looks at His Creation from His vantage point. Is He shaking His head, thinking to Himself, “there they go again.”?

This world. It’s ugly. It has been overcome with sin. Yesterday, V and I had a day that reminded me that we are BOTH such sinners. Crying for an hour because I wouldn’t let her keep chasing the neighbor’s cat, to the point that I was throwing the temper tantrum and ruining dinner simultaneously.

And that’s just small scale in this global society. Why do we feel the need to kill? Why do we feel the need to belittle each other’s ideology, religion, faith? Yes, I may adhere to what I believe to be the one true God, but that should not persuade me to stoop to the level of the extreme jihadists – even if it’s not active killing. We shouldn’t slay each other with words. We shouldn’t cut each other down. We shouldn’t throw a temper tantrum just because the other guy is.

We, as Christians, are called to love our enemy…. like Jesus on the Cross.

We are called to turn the other cheek.

We are called to give our hats and gloves if our coat is stolen from us.

I’ll keep on hoping because I believe in a God who sent His only begotten son down for my and your sins. This son who died the death I should have died and live the life I cannot live. This son who calls us to compassion.

Love wins souls. Love builds disciples. Let’s remember that this Advent season and push through earth’s disappointments.



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