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Kansas City Royals: World Series Champions 2015 – 30 years in the making (

When my husband and I moved to Kansas City in 2009, we thought we were just moving to a new city, with more diversity and hopefully more opportunity. We didn’t consider the attractions. We didn’t consider the sports. We didn’t consider the community. We never considered Kansas City would be home.

We really didn’t consider much except that I disliked Springfield, MO and the wait list at UMKC’s School of Law could be utilized at any given day.

We are Cardinals fans. We grew up in central Missouri and the Cardinals are who you heard about. We were born in 1985, and that was the last time anyone really talked about the Royals in a positive manner. The Royals were the butts of jokes. They were the constant losers. The ones no one placed their hopes in.

So, when we moved to Kansas City, we didn’t even think about the Royals. We might have considered the Chiefs, but we weren’t football fans. And, the Wizards? Yeah right.

Kansas City loved their sports, but their teams never returned the favor.

Then, the Wizards changed their name, built a new stadium and all of a sudden, Sporting KC was top of the MLS.

Last year, the Royals in a series of fortunate events made it to the playoffs. Then, to the World Series. But the crown eluded us. A man stranded on third that could have tied the game, but wasn’t moved forward.

We lost, but the Royals had unfinished business.

However, something even more remarkable happened in the past few years. Kansas City was painted blue. Everyone had Kansas City fever pitch.

The sports made us proud of Kansas City. Instead of saying, “Oh, I’m just from Kansas City.” and associating it with the highest murder rate, a cow town, a middle of the map no where land, people started saying, “I’m from Kansas City.” with love and passion.

The Royals has made Kansas City united in a way I never thought possible for a large metropolis. In fact, 76% of Kansas Citians were tuned into game 1 of the World Series. 76%! That’s more than just diehard fans. That represents the people of this community wanting to see their city win.

Because the Royals deserve it. They’ve worked hard. They have set their sights on this goal for the past decade. Hell, the past 3 decades.


Maybe it’s because my daughter was born here. Or maybe it’s because it’s been 6 years since we moved here. Or that we bought a house and “settled down” here. But either way, I know that Kansas City is home. There’s nothing greater than rooting for the home team, seeing your community come alive all for one common cause. We may still have a host of issues left to deal with, but man oh man, if we can harness this unity, I’m sure we can accomplish a lot.


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