all the things

on bumps and bruises

My daughter is tough. She is capable of falling flat on her face and immediately getting up, brushing it off, and proceeding with whatever it was she was doing. Rarely does she cry, and if she does, it’s for just as long as it takes for me to remind her of the fun she was having.

Today she face planted at the playground. My husband had just rescued her from tripping, and she immediately lost her footing and fell face forward. My husband comes walking down the playground equipment calmly, until his brother and I realize she’s bleeding, from her nose.

Her first nosebleed.

This mama’s heart was mortified that I wasn’t there. But, my rational mind reminded me that my husband was and was paying better attention to her than I would have.

My husband tends to watch her like a hawk where I tend to let her be a little more free. I’m with her day-in and day-out, so I contribute some of my laissez faire attitude to that. I try to let her be independent.

But then she falls. And I see ruby red dripping from her nose and I begin to question my letting her independent.

I want to protect her from everything.

I want to prevent bumps and bruises. I want to keep her precious smile on her face. I don’t want her to want for anything.

And yet, we can’t afford all of the newest and coolest toys. She will want.

I can’t be there all the time. So she will fall.

She needs to get bumps and bruises. It’s what will teach her what is safe and unsafe.

Her heart will need to break, so she knows how to keep loving.

And I have to trust that God will be with her every step of the way. Even when her nose bleeds. Just like her earthly father was today.


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