all the things

on why I quit Facebook

the facebooks. this social connection tool has led to all sorts of inner turmoil. well, perhaps turmoil is a bit of a strong word, but somewhat accurate nevertheless.

recently, i was beginning to feel as if i had to check it. every day. every hour. it was starting to drive me insane. what if i missed a like, a comment, a new post, a new message? why does that person say that? why can’t i be more bold in my statements? how do you show love and articulate your position on something in just a status? why do people blog in their statuses? isn’t that what blogs are for? why, oh, why caitlyn jenner?

truly, the caitlyn jenner stuff is what threw me over the ledge. but that’s a topic for another day.

either way, i’m taking a break. if i know who you are, you can follow me on instagram. but, otherwise, find me in person, text me, email. ya know, old school.


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