all the things

to my daughter

Dear baby girl,

I remember the day we discovered your existence like it was yesterday. I excitedly drove home after going to the store, knowing full well that the test I was about to take was going to have that positive result. You were unexpected, but joyously welcomed.

You wiggled and moved as if there was no tomorrow. And now, there’s no pause button on your antics. You’re on the go, dancing, wiggling, crawling, bouncing. And always singing a new little song.

A year ago, on Mother’s Day, you were still waiting to be born. There were two months left in your gestation period, and I was loving pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine the love that I would experience on the day you were born. Or, how quickly you make me smile by just looking at your chunky rolls or hearing your sweet giggles.IMG_0887I didn’t know just how beautiful life was about to get. I am so thankful to be your mom, and even more grateful that you made me mom. You, baby girl, are the most precious gift given to me (and your dada) by our heavenly Father.

Love, love, love,

your mama


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