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on the waiting room

IMG_3162.2015-04-03_160624I’ve been sitting in a lot of waiting rooms lately. The past month has been unexpectedly filled with doctor’s visits (whether for myself or my daughter). It’s amazing how one room can hold so much emotion – anticipation, anxiety, excitement, nervousness, fear, happiness, grief….

And as Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but feel for those who sit in waiting rooms, anxiously praying, hoping, that

…the breast cancer has gone away so they can nurse their next child,
…that they’re not infertile, it’s just a fluke,
…that their child isn’t sick, there will be healing
…that they can support their family, even though it’s growing unexpectedly

and so much more that I can’t even fathom. I sat in the waiting room, praying that I didn’t have cancer, praying that the lump and rash would go away, praying that I could keep nursing my (bottle-refusing) daughter. God answered my prayers the way I hoped, but I know that’s not always the case. There are the unfinished stories, the ones that are harder to swallow, the ones that make you ask, “Why God, why?!”

So, as we approach this Mother’s Day, let us remember those who may not see it as a day of joyful celebration, but a day that hurts, a day that reminds them of all of those waiting rooms. But, let us also celebrate those women who in the midst of struggle serve as “mothers” to all of the littles they encounter.


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