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on breaking bread

I’ve been baking a lot lately. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Often times, patience and endurance is required with baking. You have to work the dough just enough, but not too much. Then, you must wait. And wait. And wait some more. Which, quite frankly is perfect for this time in my life when everything has to wait until the wished for nap time. Each dough is different but all requiring just the right amount of care and attention to integrate all of the simple individual ingredients into one delightful morsel.

But, it’s not just about the baking. While there is enjoyment (and “come on, hurry up!”) in baking, the act of breaking bread is what is really exciting. There is something so meaningful in sharing either the literal or figurative bread.

My attempt at hand lettering.
My attempt at hand lettering.

I love what Henri Nouwen, renowned priest and author who lived at L’Arche Daybreak until his death, says here. We are transformed as community when we share a meal. When we figuratively break bread together. The act of eating alone is lonesome, but baking and sharing draws people into each others’ lives. A shared space is created. Relationship is born.

When I started on my baking journey, it was purely for self gratification. I love creating and hoping that it turns out as it should. But, with all of those creations, one must share (lest I eat all of the baked goods). Little did I know, it would transform the way I eat, the way I cook for my family, the way I make extras to give to my neighbors and friends. I’m calling my creations “Love Rising // baked goods”. Maybe it’ll turn into a business, but for now, I love seeing how english muffins, cookies and the like are bringing people together and starting conversations.

Because logos.
Because logos.

They are creating community. And right now, that’s profit enough.


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