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on all of those sleep sites

I am a relentless googler. I persist until I find exactly what I am looking for. And, like you, I spent many of those early nights with my tiny newborn googling baby sleep, naps, feeding schedules, etc.

Now, I am choosing to ignore all of those sites.

My child is different from yours. She may take 2 naps per day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. She may eat 4 times during the day. She may wake up once or twice at night or none at all. And you know what – that’s normal for my daughter. It may not be normal for your child. Your normal might be sleeping from 7-7 and catnaps during the day. Or, it might be feeding every 3 hours on the dot. Or, you may have weened already.

Your normal is normal. My normal is normal. Our normals do not have to equal each other.

Every human is uniquely different. That is the beauty of the human race! If we were all the same, life would be so grey, so boring, so dull. Thank God for our differences! Instead of trying to get our children to mesh into the “perfect good baby” mold, let’s celebrate, nay, champion their uniqueness, now!


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