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on why I don’t coupon


I can’t be the only one who finds couponing absurdly complicated. There are the manufacturer coupons, the store coupons, online coupons, and other random discounts just found in the stores. With all of the discounts and pieces of paper, I find the whole thing crazy overwhelming.

Now, I should coupon. I look at all of the other blogs and wish I could spend just $200 per month to feed my family, but I can’t. It stresses me out. I look at all the stores those moms visit, and that stresses me out.

My time is precious to me, so this is how I choose to spend it:

  • playing with my baby girl
  • doing all of the household chores so the house is welcoming for family and friends
  • baking, baking, baking
  • resting
  • doing the grocery shopping during the times I have the car and when my daughter naps (never on a weekend, because weekends are for family time)
  • spending time in the Word
  • fun!

I want my home to be a place hospitable to both family and friend. To me, that means having a clean home that is restful to the visitor, free of stress for my husband when he returns from work (or is working from home) and being able to offer my baked goods (love rising // baked goods) to friends and neighbors. Part of accomplishing that is having certain items in my pantry and not creating more stress for myself.

So, I choose to not coupon. I choose to frequent just a couple of stores. I choose to not always buy on sale.

But I also choose to meal plan, and to make nutritious meals.

My way costs more dollars ($500-550 per month to feed 3 adults), but it costs less mental strain.

And this year, it’s all about removing unnecessary stress from my life. It’s about choosing me and my family.


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